Most common female sex problems

A recent study made by the obstetrics researchers at The National Center for Biotechnology shows that the prevalence of sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women is between 68% and 86.5%. These figures are worrying not only for the doctors but also for the adult female population, which is currently facing major health issues. Here are the most common female sex problems associated with old age:

What is sexual dysfunction in women?

Sexual dysfunction in women

Contrary to general opinion, men are not the only ones who encounter sexual problems when they reach middle-age. Women have a broad range of issues that come with menopause and which prevent them from maintaining a healthy sex life. A low libido, difficulties to get aroused and the inability to reach orgasm are just some of these problems that form a single medical condition called sexual dysfunction.

While men have an army of doctors looking for the ultimate cure for erectile problems, women can safely rely on a natural libido enhancer like Provestra. This supplement that improves sexual performance is a mix of herbal ingredients and vitamins that restore natural sex drive in women of all ages.

How to get rid of female sex problems

The evolution of a sexual act is based on four simple stages: arousal, plateau, climax, and conclusion. The problem that most middle-aged women encounter is that they cannot go past the first stage. No matter what their partners try, it is impossible to get aroused. If this is the case for you, you need an effective remedy for vaginal dryness like Provestra.

Years of clinical tests and medical studies have resulted in the most powerful treatment for female enhancement on the market. Provestra increases your libido within the first weeks of treatment and keeps your sex drive at a natural, consistently high level. The recommended dosage for a healthy sexual life is of 2 daily pills taken for three months.

How common it is for women to take Provestra?

Since its release, Provestra has helped thousands of women restore their youthful passion for sex. In their honest testimonials, these ladies talk about how easy it is for them now to pass the excitement stage and reach intense orgasms during each intercourse.

A recent survey has revealed that over 93% of the women who have tried Provestra for at least 30 days have benefited from an enhanced libido. Doctors suggest that you continue to take these pills for female sexual health long after the recommended 90-days treatment period expires. This practice will keep you in a good mood and ready for spectacular sex anytime you and your partner desire it.

How safe are female enhancement products?

When it comes to medicine that treats female sex problems, you should stay away from chemically-infused drugs. These synthetic pills will likely lead to more health issues instead of solving your little sex drive.

As a rule of thumb, you should always pick an all-natural product like Provestra. This treatment for a decreased libido in women contains only organic ingredients that restore your passion for sex without the possibility of any adverse side effects.