Before and after Provestra – How does it work?

Before and after Provestra - How does it work?Women find it hard to maintain their sexual drive during menopause. This has rarely anything to do with their sexual partners, but rather with the physical side effects of this stage of their lives. Vaginal dryness and lack of desire are just two of them. Thankfully, by using Provestra they can increase both their libido and the time they spend in between the sheets. More than 95% of the ladies that have tried this treatment for decreased lust have managed to turn their sexual life around. After finding out exactly how it works, they benefitted from more intercourse than ever before.

How does your body work before menopause?

Between the ages of 20 and 35 women experience a steady increase of their sexual desire. Studies have shown that the ladies who are sexually active on a constant basis live a healthier and happier life. Around the age of 40, the estrogen level drops significantly. This hormone is essential for a woman’s libido, and its decrease signifies the beginning of a new era. From now on, the chances of giving birth are on a descending slope, and so is their erotic lust. This process can be reversed, however, with a simple dose of Provestra. This sex drive booster does not increase fertility, but it guarantees that you will be turned on easier and faster, just as you used to be in your 20’s.

Aging decreases your libido

As soon as menopause kicks in, women have to deal with a wide range of psychological and physical changes. One of them is the lack of sexual desire. A recent survey has revealed that over 75% of the married women in North America blame a decreased libido for their monotonous, boring marriages. Many physicians recommend Provestra as a 100% safe remedy for diminished sexual drive. A daily intake of these pills cannot only restore the sex urge in a woman, but it can also help a relationship regain its dazzling nature.

Growing older is a biological truth that none of us can escape. However, it does not mean that you have to get rid of your youthful lifestyle. Your appearance will change and so will your partner’s good looks. Still, you can maintain a passionate relationship and an active sexual life with Provestra. This natural supplement will increase your libido from the first days of use. Its composition rich in vitamins and nutrients will help you keep a high-running metabolism and a constant erotic lust.

After Provestra you will have more sex

Customer reviews show that over 92% of the women who use Provestra increase the number of times they have intercourse. No less than 65% of them said that they only take two days off sex every week, while 33% could not even remember the last night when they did not engage sexually with their partners.

Provestra is a natural libido enhancer that can be taken on a long-term basis to diminish the damaging effects of menopause in women. So far, there have not been reported any adverse side effects. This fact makes this sexual drive booster the only product of its kind that is completely safe and effective for the ladies that have reached the grand climacteric.